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We are there to enable economic growth and social progress.


The future of banking in a totally digitized world” – it concerns each and every one of us. In this feature you get to know people who are helping to shape the digital revolution and learn how digitization is completely reorganizing finance, the start-up scene and the economy. Digital society, banking of the future, business start-ups and data security in a digitized world: Here you will find our offer, from our research to our services.

Our strategy

The bank is concentrating on its strengths - in its corporate bank newly formed in 2019, in a leading retail bank, in a focused investment bank and in asset management

Our roots

Credit Union Bank was founded in 1985 to accompany companies around the world. The bank has been operating internationally ever since.


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Our business

We offer a wide range of financial services - for private customers, medium-sized companies, corporations, the public sector and institutional investors.

Our employees

We promote open communication. We value diversity of opinion and appreciate the contribution of each individual. We work in a stimulating and challenging environment.


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About Us

Corporate culture and corporate values

The effects of the economic crisis make a long-term change in corporate culture in the financial sector imperative. Responsibility must be the focus of our actions. With the publication of our new corporate values and beliefs in 2017, we laid the foundations for long-term changes at Credit Union Bank.



Sustainability management and data collection

In order to ensure an effective implementation of the sustainability strategy and to manage its eco-efficiency measures, Credit Union Bank uses, among other things, a comprehensive sustainability management system. In the area of ​​operational ecology, it also continuously records all relevant consumption indicators in a global database in order to analyze the data and derive optimization potential from it.


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